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June 3, 2022

Emmanuelle Namont in Conversation with Arielle Rebek

5 - 7pm
Doors at 5 pm, Talk begins at 5:30 pm



Singularis  is Latin meaning "unique, remarkable, unusual." This Exhibition features two artists who create a sense of wonder and play in daring experimentations with their unique photographic vision. Both artists engage photography with elements of chance and control with great agility and subtlety. Each work is a poetic phrase, each image attests to the power of photography to reconnect us with nature.

Arielle Rebek’s work parallels the investigation of our fundamental relationship with nature. "For Visibility for Warmth" is a pinhole series representing the fleeting presence of the body and its fluidity within the natural environment. If the body leaves a fragile imprint on these images, the plants embossed in her photograms series "Seeing Ground" attest to the power of nature with marks that are tangible and real. Her unique glass plates photograms produced from exposing glass shards from expired photographic plates under the light, adds to the fearless investigation of the photographic medium.

Ron Moultrie Saunders’ unique photograms are the result of years of experimentation. In "The Secret Life of Plants," Ron explores, using a photographic enlarger, natural elements chosen according to the seasons. Beauty is too inadequate a word to describe the vitality of these wonders with their alluring presence and exquisite forms. In "Beneath My Skin Is The History of My Beauty," Ron superimposes part of the body on leaves and flowers, these images affirm the concept of identity as related to the soil, and the permanent question of one’s roots.


Arielle Rebek

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Ron Moultrie Saunders

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